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I'm in the UK but I don't use a carrier at all I carry LeStat in my hands.

I've never bee asked to take him out of a store but as I say I don't take him in food shops other than cafe's and restaurants with outside seating. He's never been asked to leave these kind of food places though.
I do get people wanting to pet him but he's a little timid so I always tell them this and get them to be slow and gentle when they do pet him. It's helped no end with his socialistaio ad although he still won't go upto anyone he is now happy to be stroked and petted even when he's on the gorund on his leash. If he weren't on a leash though he'd be off like a shot!

Usually he's not even noticed though. We had him in Burger King yesterday, inside as well first time ever, while we had lunch and no one even noticed me slipping him a piece of my burger!
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