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Old 11-12-2012, 08:00 PM
chi god/godess
Join Date: Dec 2010
Name: Karen
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A shy dog is a rewarding, frustrating, victorious and sometimes sad pleasure and responsibility. How's that for the real deal?? I had no idea, myself.

Hope, our first, was-and is-playful and loving and a kisser who will not be ignored. She wants to please and loves everyone.

We got Ruby (she was part of a litter of 3 and she is the only shy one) when she was 14 weeks old and today, at 2 years old, she is still shy and fearful. She is our best bred of the 3 and her breeder outstanding. She was not abused in any way.

With a ton of patience, training, behaviorists and STRUCTURE we have really helped her cope with situations, people and circumstances. She has made BIG improvement even if it is only noticeable to us. She is who she is. She will never be Hope. She will not ever even be LIKE Hope. The way I look at it, having each be so different is part of the fun. What fun would it be if you had several dogs who were all exactly alike? There would be no point. One would be enough, then.

The best advice that I can give is this. DO NOT try so hard. Go on with your day, your life, your routine and he will come around. If he feels you hovering, stressing and worrying, that will only stress and worry him and take it from me, that will not aid him at all in coming around. Believe it or not, he will not feel ignored. He is likely to feel less pressured.

Shy, fearful dogs relish in routine and structure. Start doing the same things at the same time and in the same manner. He will get comfort from the predictable.

If you offer both treats and he does not readily take his, do not coax nor impose. Simply say, "Okay. Maybe you might try a treat later". If you offer again the next day and he does not again, say it again. Chis are smart. He will catch on and he will take it eventually. I would not hand feed, toss food on the floor or other games to get him to eat. You will then be doing that a lifetime and you have not taught him to manage himself.

I recognize that not everyone wishes a shy, fearful dog. I'd not have chosen the path if I knew. If the pressure is too overwhelming, I would take him back. If you are up for a challenge that promises reward and victory paired with your hard work, please keep him.

I just cannot stress enough that if you wish to try, you have to give him LOTS more time than you have had him thus far and you need to just carry on with life. You will be more comfortable and he will relax.

From where I sit, now more than a year and a half later, I can tell you that it was worth it!!
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Old 11-12-2012, 08:55 PM
chi god/godess
Join Date: Mar 2009
Name: Jessica
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It's been what less then 24 hours... it'll get better...you know how it takes some chihuahuas a little bit to warm up to a new situation. Give Taz time and lots of love.
Our Girls

Lady , Sassy, Emmy, Abby, Zoe and the avatar picture is Mia.
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Old 11-12-2012, 10:14 PM
chi prince/princess
Join Date: Apr 2012
Name: Pat
Location: Fraser Valley BC Canada
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For the most part I'm just letting him do what he wants to do I don't try to pet him or go near him if he want to come to me thats his choise I have given him quite a few treats he seems to like that I don't make him take them from my hand if he doesn't want to I will either toss them to him or put them in his dish. I am going to my daughters house for dinner tonight normally I would take my dogs with me but I don;t think its a good Idea to subject him to a noisy household at the moment I know Charlie would love it but it would be really hard on Taz right now so I;m going to leave them both at home tonight I'll only be gone a couple hours. My Daughter hubby is out of town working right now so her and the 2 kids and her 2 dogs are home alone She is pregnant again and the baby is due the beginning of February. I'm at home alone right now as well my 17 year old daughter got beat up and robbed for her Ipod touch and her cel phone about a week ago so she went to stay with her cousins for 2 weeks until the bruises heal a bit she got thrown down 3 flights of concrete stairs and kicked in the head multiple times she ended up with a concussion 2 black eyes, a fat lip, and broken nose. and lots of bumps and bruises on her head and body. It been the worst couple weeks of my life I don't know what I did to deserve it.First my dog gets poisoned and dies then my daughter gets mugged. It been stressful to say the least. Things are finally settling down and I'm going to have a wonderful dinner at my daughter she's chef she went to culinary school so going to her house for dinner is always a treat. And I'm happy I adopted a little dog that need a good loving home. I think things will work out just fine Charlie really likes him and he seems to really like Charlie and thats what I wanted was to get Charlie a new brother or sister. Charlie was just lost without Tc and it was heartbreaking to watch he would look at me and the go look in every room in the house wimpering the whole time then he would go outside and look to see if TC was out there and he would do this 5 or 6 times a day he really needed another dog to take his mind of TC and I must say Taz has done that so I think it will work out I have this Forum and all the wonderful people on it if I have a problem
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