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Old 11-09-2012, 03:32 PM
chi god/godess
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Name: Carrie
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Cricket doesn't walk on a leash, and is extremely other-animal-aggressive, so we don't go to parks at all. I keep my front yard fence closed during the day should one of the neighbor's dogs get out. They maybe friendly, but I know she isn't. She's so small that if she started something I know she wouldn't be able to finish it. Oreo, my lab mix does like other dogs, but does better with dogs his size, and because he doesn't follow commands well (yet) he is strictly on-leash when we take him to the park or the vet.

Thank you Caitlin for my siggy!
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Old 11-10-2012, 02:45 PM
chi fan
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I have to agree with most of the other posters in saying to be weary of any dog, big or small of leash. Just because a dog comes charging towards your little guy, doesn't mean the owners will. I've had a few 'close calls' but have always managed to scoop up my little man. Nd surprisingly a few big dog owners I have encountered have actually insulted my little guy stating 'he's not a real dog anyway if you have to pick him up and save him'! Besides the ignorance of the owner it just goes to show the lack of respect some people can have and yet again why you can't trust any dogs off leash.
Ashton and Thor
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Old 11-11-2012, 10:59 PM
chi fan
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i completely understand, there is so many people who either A) let there dogs run around the neighborhood we have 3 that seem to have full run over where ever they like, or B) walk their dog with no leash, which drives me nuts, you have a leash in your hand, i dont get why you cant just put it on him or her, if the dog was trained good enough he wouldnt pull so it shouldn't be a problem. the 3 that run the nieghborhood, 2 of them are pits, and they are the sweetest dogs with humans and i pet them everyday, but i dont trust them around my dog AT all.
sorry about the rant it is a pet peeve of mine as well
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Old 11-12-2012, 12:55 PM
Tink's Avatar
chi god/godess
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Originally Posted by NewChiDad View Post
In the short time I've owned my chi, this is getting to be a real pet peeve (no pun intended) of mine. I live in a downtown area with lots of other dog owners. A lot of them are responsible, and observe leash and scooping laws. But a lot aren't. Idiots walk around with pit bulls, German shepherds, boxers, etc. as if they were remote controlled, rather than ANIMALS with INSTINCTS.

Does anyone else here deal with this kind of thing, and if so, how?
It's a HUGE pet peeve of mine. I routinely take my dogs to Petsmart and other pet stores that allow animals, for socialization purposes. I prefer to walk them on leash rather than carry them or have them in the buggy, because they're dogs not babies. But that plan is frequently thwarted by other dog owners who will not control their dogs! I've had large dogs DRAGGING their owners towards mine, paws scrambling on the slick floor, straining at their leashes to get to my two, who aren't even as big as the dog's whole head. I've had a dog jumping up at me, jaws snapping, while I'm clutching my two to me, dancing around in circles trying to keep my back to the bigger dog. Even when they're in the cart, I've had dogs rear up on their hind legs trying to get to mine in the buggy. It's just ridiculous and infuriating, particularly because the owners either think it's funny, or are reassuring me that their dog "just wants to play" while the dog's body language is telling me something completely different. And even if the dog DID just want to play, so what? He's huge by comparison to mine, and his "play" could very easily kill or maim mine.

The lack of consideration by other owners, the complete disregard they seem to have sometimes is just appalling. So are the folks who just assume that it's OK to pet my dogs and will be all over them before I even know they're there. It's a GOOD thing mine are so friendly and don't nip or bite, even when they're startled as they often are by the enthusiastic overtures of clueless, ignorant people.

I treat my dogs like dogs. I don't baby them. I don't coddle them. That said, there are more times than not when I'm out in public with them I'm having to resort to dealing with them just that way, not because that's my handling of choice, but because I'm forced into it by the complete disregard of other dog owners.

And I've gotten to the point where I WILL NOT HESITATE to kick, shove, hit another dog if they're trying to get to mine. Tough if the owner doesn't like it. I've more than once connected with a well-aimed kick to a dog just to discourage him from trying to get to mine. I don't like to do it AT ALL, but I have, and will again, when it becomes necessary.

And I don't blame the dog.....ever. I blame the owners. They carry 100% of the responsibility for their dog's behavior.

Sorry for the rant. HUGE Pet Peeve
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NewChiDad (11-12-2012)
Old 11-12-2012, 01:03 PM
chi lover
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I wouldn't be too assumptions about the breeds of dog that's "nice and friendly" because you never know what happens at home. That's the thing, people think their dogs are smart and obey commands because when they call "come" at home, they come. Haru is like that but when she sees our upstairs neighbours sometimes she runs into their house and completely ignores me when playing with their dog. Just be careful on your part I guess Nothing we can do about people like that...if I'm upset enough I would just talk to them instead of letting it go. Maybe if they are aware they will know how people with small dogs feel.

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