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Old 11-26-2012, 10:27 PM
chi god/godess
Join Date: Mar 2012
Name: Ashley
Location: NC, USA
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I know how you feel. I graduated undergrad in December 2011- it was the best feeling ever! Undergrad was truly miserable for me- I hated every minute of classes. They were boring and I didn't feel they were helpful. It took everything I had to stay focused and keep my GPA up.

However, now that I am in law school I look back and know that it was worth it. Without that, I wouldn't be here- learning about the law and becoming the professional I've always wanted to be. Now I am doing something I really like and I love going to school every day.

I think you will feel the same way once you go to vet school. Think of this as an ends to the means.

This time in the semester IS burnout time. Finals, so close to the holidays, tired, ready to have a break. Maybe take winter break to think things over before you decide what you want to do.

If you truly know that vet school is what you want, think of this a temporary struggle. Just like applications and testing, grades are a pre-req for vet school. Keeping the end game in focus helped me get through it.

PM me if you want to talk, I've been there.
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Old 11-26-2012, 11:56 PM
chi god/godess
Join Date: Aug 2010
Name: Lisa
Location: Tennessee
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I waited 6 years after high school before I decided to go to college. I loved it!! I have always wished I had gone straight out of high school, but like you, I wasn't ready & probably wouldn't have liked it either. You have to want to go. I do believe that if you take a break from college, you may never go back & all this hard work you've put in thus far will be wasted. If I were you, depending on how much longer you have to go, I'd push forward.
After high school, I got a job in a local factory & made minimum wage with no hopes of making any real money. It was a dead end job & there was really nothing out there. This prompted me to go to college. I went part time while I worked for the 1st year, but realized it would take forever to finish. I quit my job (I lived at home with my mom) & started going full time. I took work study programs in between my classes to pay for the gas to get me back & forth to college. I was a double major. After I got my first degree, I moved south & said to myself, I'd go back & get my 2nd degree which required 2 or 3 classes. I never did & I regret that!! My job options expanded greatly after college.
When you finish college, you'll look back & be thankful you finished. Don't live your life with regrets. I know it's hard, but so is working a full time job that's going no where. Try to stay strong!! You can do it!!

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Old 11-27-2012, 01:37 AM
chi god/godess
Join Date: Mar 2011
Name: Missy
Location: Oregon
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Thanks for the advice everyone. I am in my third year of college. I haven't been admitted to vet school yet. I started taking classes the summer after I graduated from high school, so I have never had a summer off. If I did take a break it definitely wouldn't be permanent. I'm lucky enough to have a grandparent that pays for all of my tuition, so I want to take advantage of that opportunity. I am thinking about lightening my class load for next term, I don't think I will actually take the term off. I have winter break to think about it though.

Thanks LS!
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Old 11-27-2012, 02:02 AM
chi god/godess
Join Date: Dec 2010
Name: Karen
Location: Kansas City, MO
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I try not to get involved in non-dog posts here but I have read all of this and want to chime in.


Even if you stop in just a year you will have a degree. In my day, a degree was a "nice to have". Now it is the bare minimum to get in most corporations (mine, for certain) and establish not just a job but a career. I'd need a Master's Degree to get the job I have today if I had not gotten in on my undergrad.

I know it is common today, but I think it WILDLY unhealthy, to be in one's late 20's or 30's and still be living with parents (or grandparents). I was married right out of high school, had my son immediately and was divorced (a surprise to me in a number of ways) shortly after.

I stuck it out and got my degree. Then, at age 26 I had a 7 year old, had been with my corporation for 5 years and was having a home built.

I read so much about young girls being depressed and such now. I see so many give up, quit or parents who coddle and enable. I really think I avoided that by winning out over adversity, feeling what it is like to struggle and succeed and by setting goals and achieving or surpassing them. I believe that motivation produces more motivation. I also believe that lack of motivation does the same. The days (or nights), months and then years roll one into another and then where will you be and what will you have to show for it?

There will be other times in your life that you will be "burned out"-marriage, a job, with children but you will carry on! You can do this!!

Ask yourself where you will be in 3-5 years with a degree and where you will be without it.

Perhaps find a class for enrichment that you can toss in with boring requirement classes to reignite your interest and give you something for which to be excited.

I wish you the best and a renewed fervor in achieving your goals!
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