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Thank you! Do you think hes pure? Only asking because ive not had one before and i dont know what they are like as pups not the longer haired ones anyway and i never got to see mum and dad which i know i know its a really biggie baddie not to do but the lady had taken the two pups from her friend because the mum had had enough of feeding and the breeder i dont think was seperating them so she was getting fed up with them so her friend (who i got him off) took them to sell from her house..i know you are probably thinking ive been had but i think shes genuine because she then asked me to keep in touch then asked me to be her friend on fb so she can see him because she had got so attatched to them and shes ended up keeping the other one due to a no show and getting so attatched! We keep in touch by text as well. She has said shes going to get a pic of mum and dad so i can keep when she next visits her friend which will be nice! I shouldve insisted on seeing mum and dad but you know how it is you see the pup......then everything goes out the window lol!!
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