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Originally Posted by doginthedesert View Post
November's Barkbox ^^^^^^^^ Was my favorite so far! The antler in a rope was a huge hit! I just wanted to see who else was getting them still and I was curious what the small box looked like this month? I was thinking of adding a 3 month subscription of the small (I get the medium right now for Copley) so we could accumulate some smaller toys. Opinions on that?

Also has anyone tried the Dog TV yet? I think it is a hoot. Not sure I would pay for it myself, but I am still enjoying it.

The November box was my first box and I was actually extremely disappointed. I looked at a lot of reviews for past boxes and it seems like this didnt really compare. A lot of people mentioned on their facebook page as well that this was the most disappointing month. The fruitables and the smoothie I found later at Petco and Petsmart for really cheap prices. Anyways, from what I gathered each size got a different flavor of the fruitables. The small box got an extra bullystick to even out in price with what the medium and large boxes cost. Other than that everything was the same except in smaller size.

My dog loved the antler and Im trying to buy more. Ive been emailing the owner with questions but I just get more confused by each email haha. My December box is on the way already! It should be here on Monday :]

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