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Originally Posted by Rach_Hudson View Post
1. What's that KC doin now, she looks so comfy, I bet no one would notice if I just wiggled my furry butt down a bit and went sleep sleeps...
2. Ohh that's the ticket, that's what I'm talkin bout! KC, when mom comes in with more shopping bags full of doggy clothes, just hold your position right, we can do this!
3. Yawn, stretch! Time for dreams of tummy wubs, bullies and nommies. It's such a dogs life!x

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hahahahaha!!!! nomore shoppin nomore!!! LMAOOOO!!! i really need to shop for the humans now...ugh i dont have much time or money last paycheck is saturday...i really hope the lines arent crazy when i go shop after work -.- boy does KC love bullys!

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