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We use just a simple litter box we got from petsmart, bf built a panel for around it to deter the dogs and help control the mess.

I like s'wheat scoop litter. We have 2 cats, 1 box, and there is no smell! Granted, I scoop it out several times a day...

I like especially that the s'wheat scoop is flushable! That means no extra garbage, and no non-biodegradable litter sitting around in a landfill for the rest of forever coming from my house! Plus, it makes scooping super easy, since I just keep the box in the bathroom and scoop directly into the toilet

I tried the pellets when we first got them (b/c that was what they were on as babies, since they were eating the regular litter) but it seemed a lot of waste and just didn't work for us.

I have heard good things about the Breeze system, if that's more something you're looking at.
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