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Default Chis won't leave dying hammies side

my hammie suddenly became very ill this am and we expected him to pass early am but he is still here my chis are very sad and depressed i only managed to get pics and videos of baby-love but she is devastated

taken on my cell sorry for bad quality but it just touched me how much they adored him

5655C86B-4E6B-40CB-BADA-9819D6505696-1525-000000D4BD33D809.mp4 Video by l3abez | Photobucket

excuse the mess I had to move him to the floor to put on the heating blanket to keep him warm just basically threw everything around the room in a panic

weve just been praying to him and waiting for him to go to rainbow bridge

Baby and Ninja have been crying non-stop and Baby keeps looking at me like "mom do something" makes me feel even worse
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