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Originally Posted by Brodysmom View Post
Great thread! I don't have a numbers breakdown but just wanted to add that I feed Brody venison for FREE because we get it from a hunter that saves us the heart. Also a friend butchered a grass fed cow and gave us the tongue, liver, heart, and kidneys. Enough meat for at least 6 months!

Also, he is super easy because if we are having pork chops, for example, I slice off a chunk and voila - he is fed. Same with chicken, steak, or whatever other meat we are eating. Going to make a casserole or burgers on the grill? I just pinch off a corner of the raw burger and there's a meal. Throw in some cornish hen chunks or chicken wing tips and he is eating for pennies.
Exactly! One friend butchers a big animal and my little dogs are set for months. If I am eating meat that night and nothing is thaw I just hive them a little raw of what I'm eating. In the end I really think raw is way easier than kibble.
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