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Unhappy The "Rainbow Bridge"

Today is a sad day. Today my cat crossed that ugly Rainbow bridge in the sky. I never knew rainbow's can be so ugly. He was 17 years old and his health was declining rapidly since Monday. Monday or Tuesday he stopped eating, then stopped drinking. He was diabetic and had mini seizures. It has been only 2 hours since his passing and I miss him so much. He had a really bad odor coming from him. He also stopped using the cat litter box but that wasn't the smell...

here's a picture from last week

3/25/1996 - 3/28/2013
I remember when I got him. I was only 9 years old and in elementary school. Now I'm 26 and graduated college. Something like this makes your realize soo many years have gone by and makes you wonder where all the years went.
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