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No matter what I tried I just couldn't get my Chloe to eat organ meat, not even cooked. After her holding out on eating for about 2 days I finally gave in and bought some ZiwiPeak which is an air dried raw food, another similar product is K9 Naturals. It is nutritionally balanced and I feed about 1/3 ZiwiPeak to 2/3 raw muscle meat volume wise for each meal and chicken wing tips a few times a week as a treat. My guys do really well on it apart from a few phases where Chloe got picky and wouldn't eat it for a few weeks but she seems to have got that out of her system - her nickname isn't Princess for nothing! They all have consistently firm stools on it and they are all at ideal weight with shiny coats and minimal doggy odor. I feel like this product allows me to give my dogs the benefits of feeding raw without the issues of loose stools if I don't get things 100% balanced and it seems to suit picky Chloe. Maybe it's an option for you to consider?

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