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Originally Posted by jan896 View Post
Scottish Suzanne Woolcott was the designer of the GORJUSS Girls. I say WAS because she no longer makes the designer tubes but has expanded her line to other products{ found here }.... the SW6057 is my license to be able to use her products.....I have almost all of her 'girls' when she was designing the 'tubes'... she has health issues and uses the money made from her products for her bills. if you see a pic of Suzanne, she looks alot like her 'girls' and the tubes represent some of the pain she was going thru when she created them. I love her 'tubes' .....

I created this pic because I miss my Mom.... but wanted to wish her a Happy Mother's Day.....
I see, I read the blog that is so sad she is so sick. I love those girls too, first time I have ever seen them. Thanks for taking the time to explain, I was just interested. I hope she gets well.

Ike born 8/15/12
Holly born 8/2/13
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