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Is it just ground raw meat? Or complete raw diet? If so then these are both fine to feed. Lots of UK raw feeders use this type of product as a basis for their raw diet. I prefer to offer whole/large pieces of meat as it is more natural and they get to use their teeth, which to me is one of the reasons I feed a raw diet.

If it is the processed meat such as these;
Chub Rolls
I would be very careful to read the label! These particular ones contain ' Meat and animal derivatives, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Minerals, Herbs (min 0.1% Basil). With antioxidants, preservatives, flavour, colour.' So not only do they not specify what meat is included, they also contain unspecified cereals, as well as flavourings and colourants, which do not belong in dog food at all IMO. So not something I would feed to my dogs.
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