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Stella, I love this thread and have wrestled with the homemade raw diet since joining the forum. Today Lulu had Ziwi Peak for breakfast--between 1/8 to 1/4 cup (one is not enough, one is too much) for supper she will have 1/4 cup Sojos, which is dehydrated raw. I explained this for those not familiar. Now back to my original thread of thought. The reason I love is I guess I am so dense that when you post ox heart and chicken livers I am lost from there. I tried raw chicken a couple of times and Lulu didn't take to it, but I know that can be worked with. My question is amounts. When everyone describes what they feed it seems like their dogs are eating tons of food. When I have had Lulu on homemade food, every time she can eat what I consider a proper portion in seconds and always gains weight. I just give up and go back to commercial raw. I get frustrated. Sorry for hijacking your thread with my frustration.
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