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Default wierd question

Vito didn't want to eat this morning at all. Now usually it takes a little while but he does finally eat and finishes. My husband called to tell me he hasn't gotten him toe at anything, he even turned down salomi. I did get a second call telling me that I got him to eat, He ate some scrambled egg. What is wierd is that he said he had to put it in his mouth it was almost like he forgot how to eat...He got a few bites in him then he scarfed the rest down on his own and even went to his bowl for his normal food. My question is it possible this was caused by low bloodsugar? Never seen a dog forget how to eat. He was so sad before i left for work following me around and wanted to be picked up, but my husband said he was running and playing as usual even with the not eating. hhmmmm.
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