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Aw thank you for sharing that! I genuinely really enjoyed reading all about Huly's little traits and his history its nice to see a cat (or 1/2 dog 1/2 cat ) getting a bit of attention hehe!!

Cats are brilliant!! They're soo different to dogs but so alike at times too! We have a gigantic lump of a cat called Simon, hes my baby boy, as well as Winston obviously hehe! Simon talks too, but he says hello, its so funny! When we first heard it, we actually thought someone had come into the house! He only does it if the patio doors are open and he walks in and no one is in the living room, we just hear a great big HEWWOO

Simon was adopted by me really! When I first got together with the OH, Simon was his cat and lived with the oh and his parents. They had 2 female cats as well and all they did was bully the poor little guy! He seemed skinny and ratty to me and was always outside fighting! I fell for him straight away, probably because he was the outcast! No-one gave him the attenmntion he deserved because they were all too focused on the pretty girl cats! I moved in and changed it all! I took him to the vets, paid for him to be neutered and to be micro chipped. I noticed a difference straight away! His coat got smoother and silkier, he wasnt outside fighting all the time, he didnt go for you all the time and was turning into a ponchy loving cat! As I showed him more attention, he started to come to me all the time, and the OH started to realise what a big soppy sod he is and fell in love with him just as I did! Simon is so different now, to when I first met him 2 and a half years ago, you'd never think he was the same cat! He scrounges for your dinner, and sits at my feet when I'm cooking chicken hoping that I'll give him some! He goes out the back door, walks around to the front and sits at the front door meowing till we let him in (stupid thing hehe) I absolutely love his personality and I couldnt be happier with my two little boys
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