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Default Primal Vs. Stella & Chewy?

Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum and have a 15 month old female Chihuahua named Edie! I started her on raw food a few months ago, she has been eating Stella & Chewy. I decided to try Primal because the store I get her food from never seems to have a good variety of meats by Stella & Chewy and I don't want her eating the same ones over and over again. She seems to like the primal, but I just want to make sure she is eating enough. She weighs about 4-4.5 pounds and usually ate 2 patties a day from stella & chewy, the primal says 2 patties a day for 5 lbs but they seem much smaller than stella & chewy patties. Are they just higher in calories?
Also, not to give TMI but her poop never smelled when she ate stella & chewy but since she's been eating primal it seems to smell the same as it did when she was eating kibble, has anyone else experienced this? I'm just curious how other people feel comparing the two brands, I'm sure I will feed her stella & chewy again at some point when I see another type of meat for her but I also want to be sure she is eating enough/good food.

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