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Originally Posted by debrawade10 View Post
Hi there, I would love the size 8 in bright pink & lavender if you still have them!
I have paypal if that works. Debby
hi Debby,
I have the hot pink in size 8. its not a lavender in that pic of the sweaters... maybe it was the lighting that made it look like that. its another shade of light blue. I do have one other color that's not pictured. its a light soft pink color. I can find a pic of it if you'd like. also wanted to mention that a lot like to buy the tiffany blue color for there girls. in the pic , its right next to the hot pink one on the bottom.
**( also, I just wanted to mention, but not trying to talk you into anything, that a lot on here Love the RRC thermal shirts. I have some xxs sized ones that should be a good fit for your girl ... let me know if you want to know the patterns available on them )
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