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Originally Posted by lulu'smom View Post
If they are sweaters, I'm definitely interested! Can you send pics?
I think Lulu would be the same size as my Minnie. she's alittle bigger than Minnie but if the sweater is alittle roomy on Minnie, it'd be good for Lulu I think. ( just to be sure, remind me of Lulus girth size if you are interested in one )

these lulu pink sweaters are all brand new. they are from along time ago, before they started carrying Lulu pink in walmart. they are much nicer quality than the lulu pink they make now.
here's a pic of Minnie in her hot pink w/ flower lulu pink sweater. ( i'm not sure I can find a pic of the other color one... its light pink and white big stripes with a little pocket in the front and a flower on the pocket ).
OH, and I have to first find the sweaters to be sure I have the right size , but I'm pretty sure I do..

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