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My girls will eat anything, (some strong organs, like venison kidney they aren't as keen on) but Harley was always an organ refuser. I have had to hide them in things (usually tripe, or under the skin of a chicken or rabbit portion) to get them down him. Now, after two and a half years of raw feeding, he has finally started eating his organs willingly. So don't give up! Mine had an offally breakfast today, minced lights (lungs) liver, kidney, and heart with a little tripe to make it tasty. Harley licked his bowl clean I am so proud of him.

Huly, I don't know how much organ is included in the pre-mades you use, but freeze dried or dehydrated liver is just as good as fresh, it is cooking that destroy the vitamins etc. Don't forget cod liver oil either. In a dog that really won't eat organs, it is a concentrated source of all the nutrients found in liver and most dogs like the taste.
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