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Default New rules Update please read

It has come to our attention that certain members here are intent on causing trouble between members, with hurtful sly comments, cyber bullying and remarks which are intended to be detrimental.
While we cannot be involved in what happens on other social media sites, using information posted on Chihuahua People to attack individuals elsewhere in this manner goes against the spirit of the forum.
We are adults, this is not a school playground, and we do not appreciate tale telling where people have no opportunity to defend themselves. As stated before we are not interested in what has gone on between members in private. We can only ask that it is kept off the forum. Our job as moderators is to ensure the forum runs smoothly, not to mediate personal grievances.
We work hard to make this forum a welcoming place, and want members to feel safe posting, without fear of repercussions elsewhere.
We would like to thank all those who have maintained a dignified silence throughout this.
From now on if you are caught doing anything that we see is not appropriate you will receive a temporary ban and if it happens again or you are called out for something else then it will be a permanent ban. There will be no arguing with the admins or that will cause you to have a permanent ban. It would do everyone good to report posts and bring it to our attention and then block those members that are bothering them.

Thank you
Admin Team

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