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Thanks Susan...the specialist always sends a detailed discharge report to our vet and to us...Izzys problem is that with the Sick Sinus Syndrome she arrests with any amount of anesthesia as her heart rate is very slow and erratic , she has frequent periods when her heart does not beat at all...the pacemaker is needed to give her heart the shock needed to resume a rhythm ...after that she will be able to have anesthesia without difficulty other than some extra monitoring....I always have my hand on her chest now when she lays beside me and it frightening to feel the long pauses between beats...some dogs manage very well with bradycardia...Izzy does pretty good, no syncope just fatigue..the cardiologist feels that when Izzy sits down when out in the yard or on walks etc, that she is feeling very weak and that the rest period prevents the syncope..but that might change at any time ..
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