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Originally Posted by Kuzuri View Post
Good luck with the surgery! We'll be crossing fingers, toes, arms, legs, paws, eyes and every other crossable bodypart! I'm sure she'll do great, lil' trooper that she is.

Haha, Shizzy once had a camo harness, and everyone assumed she was a boy whenever she wore it. I thought camo was gender neutral, but I guess not, so I've learned to only buy purple stuff (it suits her better than pink) for her, and pink for Molly (that suits HER better). Funny how people assume genders based on what a dog is wearing - just like babies. :P

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I am always surprised at some people...I have had the girls wearing their diamond collars with diamond studded hearts hanging from them ( might not be real diamonds ) and someone will say...what's that little fellows name ? OMG... little fellow..they are dripping in diamonds and wearing feminine sweaters !!!! LOL
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