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Awwwww that is a very sweet picture of him. And Kendall is like Lady. I have the least pictures of her lol, she doesn't like taking pics. And Ava is such a busy body lol, she can never sit still. Braxton is very shy. And Bailey is the sweetest of them all! He is by my side always! As he is my first baby! And he isn't camera shy. I also use treats to tempt my guys 😊. You're such an awesome dog mommy! I gave Ava and Brax a bath earlier and massage in coconut oil, they smell and feel so divine! Hopefully I can bathe Kendall and Bailey today too. How do you make your photos like that? I don't know how 😔. I downloaded some apps but I still don't get it. However if I load pics to Instagram I can make some different backgrounds but that's it. I'm not technology savvy

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