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Default Poor Rocky is wearing the cone of shame

My poor little man was neutered today. Thank god everything went well and he was such a good boy at the vet. When I took him to get his vaccinations done a few months ago when we got him, he was very nervous, but today he was so happy, wagging his tail and licking the vet (even when she injected him something to start putting him to sleep, he didn't get scared). She was very impressed with him being a chihuahua and so easy to handle.

He's been home for a couple of hours now and so miserable though. I can't blame him! With a male and a female about to enter her second heat in the house, we had no choice but to get one of the 2 done. Sorry Rocky. lol

What did you do to me? I no likes this cone of shame and I hates you (for now)...

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