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Default ☀️Sunshine & LD brunch tees?😊

I finally received part of my DC order, the Louisdog brunch tees for the girls, and I'm so excited everything fits. Also took some pics of the pups enjoying the sun☀️☀️hope everyone's having a great Friday! I know we are 😍

Mom, do they make doggie sunglasses I'm goin blind here!Name:  ImageUploadedByPG Free1399672495.704672.jpg
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Ava catching a breezeName:  ImageUploadedByPG Free1399672611.046066.jpg
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Braxton bird watchingName:  ImageUploadedByPG Free1399672710.641007.jpg
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Miss Kendall Name:  ImageUploadedByPG Free1399672764.150058.jpg
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Soaking up some more sunshine!Name:  ImageUploadedByPG Free1399672826.408316.jpg
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