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Default Am I stupid to think I could show a dog.

Over the last two years I have come to dearly adore long coat chihuahuas. Each of my three are AKC registered pure bred dogs retired from small scale reputable breeding program (Sapphire was being kept to breed but turned out too small so she never had a litter). I got each as an adult. I have been contemplating getting a show quality pup and trying my hand at showing. Am I crazy in the head to think that I could show a dog starting from little more than a love of the breed? How hard is it? I see the AKC offers training classes to help you learn the ropes of showing. I could hire a handler but the fun to me would be being the handler. Thoughts? Also, I would end up with an unaltered dog living amongst my current three who are all fixed. Would this upset the apple cart (If so, I would never want to do anything to disrupt the happy contented nature of my three).
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