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Originally Posted by Wicked Pixie View Post
I think if the breeder is happy to help and advise you you should go for it. Showing can be a great hobby, and a great way to learn about a breed. The biggest mistake most beginners make is buying their first pup without advice, and it takes a long time to develop an eye and see the potential in a pup. So if your breeder is going to help you choose your puppy all you have to lose is time and money lol (showing dogs, at least over here, is a very expensive hobby)
I don't think having one entire animal will be an issue (I have 5 entire dogs, both sexes, they all get along fine) but adding another dog will inevitably alter the pack dynamic. Your breeder friend should be able to help with choosing a dog who will fit in with your three.
One final thing......I told you number three was the gateway dog LOL!
Hahahahha, gateway dog. Maybe your right!!!! Actually the breeder who knows Prince well thinks a female would enter my dynamic better than a male. To bad because she has a lovely show quality male pup right now. However, the pup is young and change is inevitable.


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