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Default Speaking of rattlesnakes!

My daughter-in-law has a Yorkie that is hers, but when she and my son got married last October, the apartment they were moving to didn't allow pets, so she left her with her parents who also have two other Yorkies. Tiny Belle is 5 years old, or I should say was. They live in what I consider the country--very secluded/wooded area on a lot of land. Yesterday morning my DIL's mom let the dogs all out to potty, and in just a little bit called them all to come back in. All of them came except Tiny Belle. They called and called. They looked around, but didn't see her anywhere. In a little bit, here she came, but her head was very bloody. Jane (DIL's mom) washed her head off to see what had happened, and she had two puncture wounds--one right at the base of her eye and one at the side of her head. She was almost dead at the time, and Jane really didn't know how she even made it back to the house except through shear rote. My DIL had such a meltdown that they didn't rush her to the vet when they found her that they took her that they took her on, but she died on the way--like right when they got there. The vet said she doubted she would have lived through the bite anywhere on her body as tiny as she was, but on her head she didn't stand a chance--the vet actually cried for her. I thought that was touching. My DIL was upset to say the least. Yesterday was pretty sad.

This is a huge fear for me where we live. It's bad enough I watch where I walk in my yard for snake, I am terrified Lulu is going to get bit. I know I told ya'll before about getting in my car to drive to the neighbor down the street a couple of years ago. I was gone literally 1 minute. When I came back there was a snake right where my car had been parked.

I always let Lulu go with me to put the garbage in the can outside. I have stopped doing that since it's summer because she doesn't always stay right beside me--OK, it's our yard. But my can is right beside my motorhome, and the other day hubby and my son saw a snake crawl under the motorhome. I can't take a chance Lulu will find a snake in the yard. We only go on leashed walks now.
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