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Originally Posted by lulu'smom View Post
You are so right, Annie! And I'm going to say something that's really going to make me seem nuts!! My two boys have been driving dragsters since they were 15 years old. They went down the track for the first time on a Mother's Day. LOL They are 22 years old now, and have raced all these years at so many tracks among professionals. They will go the 1/8 of the mile in 6 seconds at 107 mph, and frankly this particular dragstar is one of the slower ones they have driven. Once Chase took off on the starting line, and his tire came off. Thank the Lord I was not there that night to see that in person, nor did I see the night he went through the finish line sideways because he hit an oil patch. People have asked me repeatedly how do I let my children do that, and I honestly can't say that I have an irrational fear of them wrecking and/or dying. I know that my over-protection of Lulu is irrational and most likely stems from her being my first dog and having a dog being relatively new to me. Whatever it is...thank you for the reality check--I really need it!!
I am very much the kind of person that can get irrationally worried about things, so I have to try hard to not get obsessive. I realized not far into my time owning dogs that I just had to accept some danger and move forward. it is a perfect example you have there with your boys! Not sure I would want to watch anyone I cared about doing that though- it might be testing my nerves a little too much!
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