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Originally Posted by Zorana1125 View Post
Oh Tina! I'm so sorry to hear that! Thank God we don't have snakes here, I can't imagine how scary that would be ! I feel so bad for Tiny Belle, may she rest in peace.

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Thank you, Zorana. I'm thankful you don't have to worry about snakes with your wonderful bunch.

Originally Posted by Evelyn View Post
So sad , my nightmare, we live in FL. There was a black snake in my yard today and I didn't see it until, sweet Holly walked up to it, that God it left fast as I screamed to her.

That is just to sad.
Wow!! Evelyn, that would have scared me to death!! My mom was telling me that many, many years ago they were on vacation in the mountain with some friends that also had a Yorkie. They were staying in a campground, and their Yorkie was also bit by a snake and died. I don't know what kind of snake--all I know is it's the kind that killed a Yorkie.
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