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Default Eureka! Beef allergy?

Sorry in advance for the long post and thank you to anyone who sticks it out to read it all. Some of you may know that Odie has been periodically having symptoms which have worried us and I've posted about these before. The one symptom, coughing after she barks (which is rare), we pretty much have figured out as collapsed trachea. We could do x-rays to confirm but I'm almost 100% sure that's what it is.

However, the other symptoms (stretching out back legs, staying in "praying" pose, something that seems like acid reflux) have remained a mystery and I've been considering going ahead with seeing a specialist in Vancouver to do an endoscope, which is what her vet suggested could be a next step. Her symptoms are classic abdominal pain indicators. The reason I didn't do it right away is because I'm very wary of anesthetic with her and the endoscope isn't guaranteed to give us any indication of what's going on. She's only been under once before for her spay and she was so sick after. I don't want to put her through that again unless it's absolutely necessary.

Anyway, for quite some time she was symptom free so I wasn't as worried about it and was hoping maybe it was something temporary. However, she has been doing the prayer pose and stretching again and I've been trying to pay close attention to what happens, how long, etc.

She had pretty bad diarrhea this morning and she didn't have anything to eat that was out of the ordinary. I was just thinking, "what changes could have caused this and the other symptoms?" because she was fine for so long, when I realized that she's had some food switches recently. These are the changes that have happened since last year in chronological order:

1. Acana Ranchlands kibble (beef, bison & lamb), Weruva chicken canned food, Ziwipeak lamb, raw chicken. - Having symptoms occasionally
2. Acana kibble in rotation of Ranchlands, Wild Prairie (chicken, turkey & walleye) and Grasslands (lamb, duck & walleye), Weruva chicken canned food, Primal turkey, raw chicken. - No noticeable symptoms
3. Acana kibble in rotation of Ranchlands, Wild Prairie and Grasslands, Weruva chicken canned food, Primal beef, raw chicken. - Having symptoms frequently <-- the switch to Primal beef just happened recently when we ran out of the turkey

Having realized this, I'm questioning if she could have a beef allergy. This is probably a stupid question, but would a beef allergy cause abdominal pain? Could the addition of two other Acana kibbles and the Primal turkey have reduced the symptoms and now they're back because we're feeding Primal beef everyday and she might be getting it for breakfast the same day that she has Ranchlands kibble? She really is a bird girl, she will gobble up anything with a beak but is more hesitant to eat other protein sources. I'm wondering if it would be worth removing beef from her diet to see if the symptoms go away again. I might be looking too much into this, but I would LOVE if it was just allergies that was causing this and not something more serious. What do you think?
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