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Default Baby Chi vs Whole Quail Leg

Baby Chi Wins! Quail leg for dinner!

So proud of Olive, we are massive Raw feeding fans in this household but were a little apprehensive starting our new little 1.5lb girl on it due to worries about her being fragile and not wanting to upset her tum. She barely touched the Royal Canin () that she was sent home with for the first 36 hours but had a heck of a timne sniffing and licking Basil's empty food dish, I didn't have any chicken in so I tried her on a little lean beef steak. She went nuts and loved it. Raw food really does come naturally to these guys, so we threw out the kibble and picked up some quail this morning! She's eaten about a quarter of a bird today, I expected to need to smash the bones but she crunched them easy as pie so we left her too it

Thought I would share as I know it can be a worry that they are too small, not ready etc
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