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Originally Posted by MaddiLovesDogs View Post
I loved these photos! You guys look like you had so much fun!

Rocky and Coco are such an adorable exploration duo! I love the teamwork on the sand digging picture, and could you post a close up of them running together on the beach, please? Id' like to see it. These pictures made me lean into my hand with wistful nostalgia. Those gentle little dogs playing in gentle little waves... such an inspiring embodiment of summer... it makes me miss the beach so much! I moved back inland when I was 16 but for a year we lived in the US Virgin Islands!

Here's one of the only beach pictures I have left, my parents with our first dog, Boomer. Well, he was my dog

Boomer loved to do the whole beach thing.

Rocky and Coco's pictures at the beach brought me back to those special times. Thank you Also they are very cute and lucky little dogs.
Aww thank you so much! And wow, a year in the US Virgin islands... that must have been amazing! I've always dreamed of living by the sea. I'm lucky to be close enough that I can travel to a beach occasionally though. I think I will plan many more of these trips this summer since we all loved it so much. Unfortunately all my close up pictures of them running together came up blurry. I got quite a few videos that I plan to put together so I'll probably post that soon.

Your dog Boomer was gorgeous btw. I love that picture of him looking cool with his sunglasses! I'm glad it could bring back these special memories for you, even if it must be a bit sad.

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