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Originally Posted by Hollowaysal View Post
Wow, great pics. They look so happy. I take mine to the beach, but I never let them off, do you worry about other dogs or them not coming back? Where did you go, looks really quiet. I go to Weymouth, but it's always busy with loads of dogs. Can't wait to see the video's.
Thanks! It's a little village called Camber (in East Sussex). There's not much there, but the beach and sand dunes are so beautiful and it was so quiet (especially in the dog sections). It was the first time I went there and will definitely go back.

We've trained Lilo off the leash from the start and her recall is brilliant. We've been working on it with Rocky and he's getting very good, but we do keep him on the leash more depending on the situation. It depends how busy it is. We only let them off the leash when it's safe and we're quite selective about which dogs they can play with / be off leash around. We were practically alone on that beach so it was perfect.

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