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Originally Posted by jan896 View Post
Girlfriend once told me " but I never use my ashtrays in the car, I throw the CIG out the window........ I always thought that was 'funny' as her car smelled awful... like cig. smoke....... not to mention the littering she was doing by throwing the 'butt' out the window.

I hate that my home drive looks like I am a smoker because of all the 'butts' thrown out the window by the road....and I never smoked once...

Cig 'butts' are not biodegrable and one thinks.... CigaretteLitter.Org - The Facts About Cigarette Butts and Litter - Facts

so... thank you for taking the step to quit smoking, I can only imagine its very hard to do.... but then so is dieting and that is the road I am travelling down now.... so lets' hold hands and skip down our separate paths together *hugs*
Thanks! I am going to pick up the stop smoking drug next week then you take it for a week then quit. I am scared not going to lie as I enjoy it way too much. It is my break from reality but I will do anything for my kids and after reading that article I can see the need to do it for them. So every day I am going to read that article to help give me the push I need

Thank you Jan896
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