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Originally Posted by debrawade10 View Post
OMG, we had hawks at our other house, they terrify me. I have never been able to let mine off of a leash at home. Makes me sad.
I have been letting Minnie, Tootsie, and Peyton out in the fenced in backyard for years now and they love to run around and play but I am right there with them always and i'm always looking for them before and during the time we are outside...

Originally Posted by debrawade10 View Post
Love that little dress on Latte, she is adorable!
thanks Debby

Originally Posted by Chiluv04 View Post
Ohhh latte! Love the new dress princess! And wow that hawk is so cool looking!

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Thanks Meoshia . Latte loves wearing clothes the most out of all my girls, so I buy her the most. I know.. the hawk is so cool looking but scary.
Originally Posted by Zorana1125 View Post
The strawberry dress is perfect on Latte! LD fits her soooo good! Beautiful hawk but they scare me! Yikes!!!!!

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Thanks Zorana ! yes, LD is a really good fit on Latte. much better fit than WL . I know... I don't like seeing hawks around here ... especially right in my front yard
Originally Posted by Jayda View Post
Just hope that hawk doesn't carry sweet little Latte away!
Lynda, omg, I know !!! I wont let it happen , I wont !!! Latte doesn't go out as much as Minnie , Tootsie and Peyton. she cant go down the deck stairs by herself... I have to carry her down. most of the time she is inside but I do like to bring them all out on the deck to get some fresh air and sun
Originally Posted by lulu'smom View Post
Latte is darling in her dress!! I would be being crazy careful with that kind of hawk that close to home!! Latte sure enough would not be outside without me and a leash!! Scary, scary!
Thanks Tina ! I know, I am very careful . I really do " watch them like a hawk " , when they are outside
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