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Question Fattening up

Olive has never been a big "foodie".
We've had a lab and a poodle, and they both lived for food.
Olive is just so eh about it. She likes people food and will beg, but its not her biggest concern. Its nice but so foreign to me!

Shes always been on the thin side, and we've been through a ton of different dog foods trying to find one she'll really like. She likes what she has now I think.
Her vet had us feeding her special made meals, but he told us to tapper them off. (Three a day, then two a day, ect)
She no longer gets set meals, and free feeds throughout the day.

To me it doesn't look like she eats enough. I spend about 90% of my time with her, so I have a good idea how much she eats.
She eats enough to keep her blood sugar good, and I do have nutra-cal for her.

Anyway, my main problem is shes thin. Shes always been on the thin side, and shes not dangerously underweight at all. She saw her vet 3 days ago to get her spay stitches taken out and he didn't mention her weight.

But should I try to fatten her up a bit? Maybe give her a bit of a reserve?
How do I go about doing that if I should?
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