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Default New Hoodies :D

I never buy clothes for my chis (though I often get tempted lol), but I've given in and bought them these hoodies. Not that they need them during summer, but they look so cute in them and I think they'll be useful when we go camping and it's cooler at night.

Lilo's fine with clothes, but Rocky isn't too sure. He was a bit miserable (yet so adorable!). lol

Meh, I no like this...

I no move until you take it off, OK.

Lilo: "Come on Rocky, playz with me?"
Rocky: "NO."

FINE then, I takes a nap instead...

I took a video too... poor Rocky being harassed by Lilo. He's usually so energetic and bouncy when playing, but no matter how much she tried, there was no way she could get him to move in that hoodie. lol

Wrestling Chihuahuas - YouTube

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