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Question Diet - What Next?

Okay, so we are ready to make the leap to feeding a more raw diet and will hopefully switch over completely if everything goes well. Some of you might remember that Odie was a sick pup for awhile (diarrhea, bacterial overgrowth, etc.) and it might have been from a beef intolerance or an intolerance to something. Because she did well on duck, we decided to feed Primal duck and eventually we added in Stella & Chewy's rabbit as well.

The good news is that there is no more diarrhea. The bad news is that she still has acid reflux. I've had reflux for years and have tried medications, apple cider vinegar, probiotics, sauerkraut, you name it. The only thing that really helps me is diet (low complex carbs and avoiding trigger foods) and I've read that the same is for dogs and that a raw diet can really help or at least help figure out what proteins are tolerated.

My question is, what should I start her out with? In the past, she has had both lamb and venison ziwi and had mucous-y poops with both so we stopped feeding it. I know that red meat is important in a raw diet (or any dog diet) so I'm struggling to figure out how I could make it work. Should I go ahead and start her on chicken like everyone recommends? I was at the grocery store today and saw that they have frozen rabbit and cornish hens. The rabbit was crazy expensive, around $23 for a small package.

Raw feeders, what do you think? Has anyone had a dog with acid reflux/GERD that a raw diet cured? What would you start Odie on if she was your dog? She is super picky with food lately and has turned her nose to ALL raw pre-made patties so I'm hoping that if I slightly cook some raw meat to start that she'll warm up to it. Thank you in advance!!
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