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Originally Posted by Huly View Post
Try reading this article:

See if anything hits home!
Originally Posted by Huly View Post
Oh and BG's new favorite (since her and Odie could be twins at times) is Stella & Chewy frozen raw Pheasant.
The problem is that I've never seen her not have acid reflux so it's hard for me to pinpoint what she can't have. I'm thinking that it has to be something that's in the Primal and S&C other than the meat which is why raw might be good for her. She doesn't have any of the cool symptoms at all (pretty much the opposite) but I like the sounds of reducing inflammation and she is eating duck and rabbit right now and having no diarrhea so that's good. Maybe I will try raw duck or raw rabbit at first and then see if I can find any of the neutral meats that aren't beef like bison or quail. I think quail would be perfect for her because she's such a bird girl. Thank you Christie! Dog diets are such a mystery!

Oh, forgot to say that we tried a pheasant sample from S&C and she loved it but she won't touch the raw patties for some reason.
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