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Default Questions about diet and Ziwipeak. Gemma has new diet rules.

Hey, ladies! It's been a while. I wish I were here on better circumstances, but Gemma has developed some pretty bad skin issues lately.

We took her to a skin specialist this week and they said it appeared likely to be allergies either to food or to the environment. She's always been on a diet of various Acana kibble for breakfast and fresh raw for dinners. For those of you who remember, Gemma has had on and off itching problems since she was a puppy. It's only now that they've become severe enough that it's making a noticeable appearance in her skin.

The vet took a skin scraping to test for fungal infection, fur samples for mites, and blood for testing of environmental allergen causes. The fur test came back negative for mites and we'll have the results for the fungal/allergen tests in 3-4 weeks, but in the meanwhile, she's been assigned a strict moose/reindeer (I'm not sure if reindeer in Swedish basically means venison) meat and boiled rice diet.

However, I'm concerned she won't be getting proper nutrition from the meat and rice alone. I remember Ziwipeak has a venison flavor. I was wondering if there's anything else in it that could cause an allergic response or if anyone has had success/problems with feeding it to their allergy sensitive fur babies. Or is there something I could add to her meat/rice diet to make up for the lack of nutrients?

We are stressed out of our minds right now with not knowing what is wrong with her and the bills associated with it all. Really hope these tests or the diet changes give us some answers. I hate seeing my poor baby uncomfortable.

Edit: Just did the math and dry Ziwipeak is nearly double the expense per month versus me preparing fresh moose and rice, but I still need something to add to moose and rice to make it a balanced diet. I also tried to feed Gemma dry Ziwipeak as a puppy, and she refused to eat it. She only liked the wet, which is way, way too expensive for us to feed daily.

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