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I feed Stella & Chewy's Abosuletly Rabbit, Primal Duck and ZP Beef. Most dogs are not allergic to beef unless it's not organic. Rabbit and duck are off the beaten path. Coconut oil help ease the itchies quite a bit and is also has antifungal properties. By keeping the skin rubbed down, gives the skin a chance to heal. Bendryl also helps when the itching is unbearable. I do understand that these foods are expensive. I also buy discounted raw meat at my local grocery store. I feed the cubed up meat for breakfast and for the supper feeding, I feed either the duck or rabbit topped with a few squares of the ZP. Huly posted an article on here a while back explaining how certain foods react in the dogs body whether its food or environmental-allergy related. It's 100% accurate and has helped me get to the comfort point where at now. You will have to keep life simple for you and your pet from this point on. No more air freshner sprays in the house, very limited snacks. Find a dog shampoo that has simple ingrediants, etc.
I would avoid Venison and go with rabbit or duck as if I remember correctly, Venison was considered a warm food that helps inflame an irritated allergic dog. I had to stop giving it to Midgie and couldn't believe it was one of the factors that drove her crazy.

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