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Originally Posted by LittleGemma View Post
A photo will be on its way. While I would like to go all raw, I have no idea how to find the organ and bone necessary for a purely raw diet here in Sweden. I've never seen more than chicken/beef liver in our grocery stores, neither of which I'm supposed to be feeding her now.

Ah, okay. After some digging I did find the article. It's definitely something to think about and brings up some very interesting points. She's been eating mostly Acana lamb and raw beef or lamb, so that's a lot from the hot section! I would prefer to stick with the vet's assignment of moose/reindeer (which does count as venison) for the following month while we wait for the test results to see if it makes any difference, but if not then I will be eager to discuss this approach with her, or rather, have my SO attempt to translate this discussion with her. She didn't say anything about duck/rabbit being against "the rules," however. It's something we can ask about when we get in contact with her. She's only in our clinic once a week so my SO has to call the clinic and ask if they have her email or personal contact information to get in contact sooner.
My two REFUSE to eat raw organs that is why I do a freeze dried (Primal or S&C) that has everything in it for breakfast and I will get pre mixed raw (Oma's Pride, S&C, Primal) (pre mix they will only eat birds Chicken, Turkey, Pheasant, Duck etc) or from a butcher (beef venison etc) for dinner. That way they still get the needed organ in the freeze dried yet the benefit of raw too.

Thank you Jan896

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