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The one thing I found with vets and allergies is they want to go to a protein that the animal does not normally eat and it always seems to be LAmb I guess because it's more readily available then say, kangeroo. I refused to believe that the lamb was doing any harm for a few years but could not figure out why I couldn't seem to find any relief for Midgie. It wasn't until I took her off the lamb that the relief started. My point is, that if you are relying on vet's professional decisions, you will find that this prolongs the animals agony. You, as the mommy, knows what's best for Gemma and has first hand knowledge of what Gemma tolerates well and what she does not. The vet isn't there with you on a daily basis to see what triggers and what doesn't. Blood test may be accurated today for what triggers Gemma, but tomorrow those triggers could have changed, so IMO I wouldn't bother wasting money on blood test for allergies. Immunotherapy does not work either and they'll tell you that only 5% of animal have successful results, but we don't actually know if that's from the shots. Huly always post some excellent articles when it comes to allergies that I copy them and refer to them often if I need to.

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