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Originally Posted by Chiluv04 View Post
Wow! 2/4 & 2/12?? That's a long time. The package I received last week was from 2/12. I'm surprised you are still waiting. What's in the order? Is it LD? Or Wooflink? Have you emailed her about why your things are taking so long?

And thanks for telling me about the pj shirt. That was one of the reasons I didn't order any of them was because I thought they'd look like pjs in person. I definitely like them as a regular shirt.
I'm waiting for a Susan Lanci collar, a flower collar slide, pupperware, LD and Pretty Pet. I figured it was the susan lanci holding it up, but thought by now it would be in. I emailed Melissa last Friday, but I haven't heard a reply, so thought I'd email her again tomorrow if it doesn't ship. The LD I got today was from Posh Puppy. They ship pretty quick, 2-3 weeks and they send it 2 day priority mail.
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