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Originally Posted by elaina View Post
the sleeves are growing on me now . I am happy with the shirt, but , i'm just as happy that they didn't have Tootsie size in this cause Tootsie doesn't like sleeves. yes, everything looks cuter on Ellie cause she is the cutest . I love my Minnie though, she's my special perfect dog. I love them all of course .

I cant wait to see pics of Ava in it and her new LD . will you be getting the other color in this too ?

Lol omg first time I hear a chi owner say one of their babies is the cutest. Now I don't feel so bad for thinking Ava is the cutest! I think it's something to do with how tiny they are. But of course all of my babies are beautiful to me too.

I love that yellow. I think it could be for a boy or girl. I'll try and hold out for a sale. As I'd love yellow for Bailey and Ava.
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