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I hope the Apoquel will work good for Lola. Do you notice any difference after the 4 hours ? when do you go back again ? awww, sorry to hear about her teeth . She will probably feel better though after her dental if there are some teeth that need to be pulled .

the new dog food sounds very interesting. if they have one that is all Duck or all Venison protein, I may consider it for Tootsie or for Minnie as a change from there Primal and S & C. Tootsie does best on Duck, and Minnie does best on Venison. Peyton and Ellie do fine with everything .

Awww, that is so sweet that Mojo and Lola have a special bond like that

I love all the WL and LD outfits !!! and of course I Love the Gucci carrier too !!!

Ellie Mae said to say hi and she is a twin to Lola . she has the same cupcake mon tank. now she wants the cupcake mon tee too and Minnie and Tootsie want the tank too.

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