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Originally Posted by Pure love View Post
Aww, your babies look beautiful as always. It's nice that big brother mojo is there for moral support. I think I'm going to take Lincoln with on Chloe's yearly exam. She shuts down completely. She shakes, pants and won't take treats. Anyway, is that normal that lola is loosing teeth? How old is she? I try to brush my babies teeth once a week but I wonder if that will happen to them when they get a bit older
Good luck on her dental
Thank you dear!! Lola cannot do long car rides without him, he's like Xanax to her, lol. I think Lincoln may help Chloe relax!! Lola won't take treats either in public, she's a very private eater, haha.

We scheduled her dental for next Friday when I'm off of work. She usually gets a dental 1 to 2 times per year but since my vet injured her shoulder last August right when she was due, I held off bc I'm scared to let anyone else put her under. Lola has always had lots of issues, her teeth being one of them. She will absolutely not let me near her mouth ever. I can't even give her meds unless they're crushable in her food. She had her first dental when she was only 2 and had teeth pulled that time. I'm not sure how many she has left but I don't think very many. Small breeds are usually genetically predisposed to bad teeth but not all of them have bad teeth. My other 3 have pretty good teeth. Mojo is 6.5 years old and never had a dental. I brush their teeth and give them bullies and other chews to help clean their teeth. It's really great you brush Chloe and Lincoln's teeth weekly and that they let you! I hope your pups have good teeth! My vet said Lola's tongue may permanently stick out after this dental and I told her it will just give her more character!!
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